Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sometimes there are dreams that can show us parts of ourselves that we didn't know existed within us.  Dave contacted me and described a dream he had.  He was sitting up against a large tree on this beautiful hill when he suddently heard a sound of a horse galloping nearby.  He did not initially see the animal but the sound became louder and more distinct.  Suddenly, it appeared a few feet away from him running like the wind this beautiful large brown stallion.  It did not scare Dave but left him with a powerful feeling of awe and mystery.  Yet, it felt very familar.  The horse continued riding up the hill until it was out of sight.  Then another stallion galloped by him taking the same path and looking just as regal.  Soon there were several more and they all were magnificent.  This continued until the thunderous ovation of horses  hoofs gradually disappeared. 

Dave was just about to leave this experience when out of the corner of his eye he noticed a small colt with long spindly legs that was left behind.  As he looked closer at the animal he could see that it was having trouble jumping over this small fence that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  "Come on little fella, you can do it.  Jump over the fence"!  You could see the little colt was determined to accomplish this feat and after several  attempts he finally succeeded.  He looked at Dave with a feeling of gratefulness for his support.  He then bowed with a look of humility.  Then he continued up the hill to be with the others.  

The next thing Dave knew he was suddenly standing in this large castle on a mountain overlooking this beautiful landscape.   As he looked from his perch high on the castle he could see this beautiful ocean  nearby. The water was of an indigo blue color.  The waves gently caressing the earth.  Then  he heard a familar noise.  It started quietly until it  reached a tremendous crescendo of sound.  In the distance he saw hundreds of wild stallions galloping towards the sea.  He had never seen so many beautiful stallions in his life.  As he looked out at them he could see and feel the power that they contained. Wave after wave of them appeared.   They continued into the sea until the last ones disappeared into the horizon. 

When Dave awoke he felt as though he had been enveloped in a state of grace.   He knew the power of this dream.  He knew that he was the little colt trying to jump the hurdles of his life.    He was being shown the way and what was possible.  The sheer beauty and magnificence of this horsepower was really who he was becoming and ultimately who he truly is. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Awakening

One evening many years ago I witnessed my friend Dave experience an event that would change his life forever.  From this day on his perception of who he thought he was would never be the same again. 

He was sitting in his room eating a pizza and watching television.  When out of nowhere he began experiencing a sudden shift in his consciousness that originated deep within his being.  It was as though  he was tapping an energy source that was at his core and was very powerful. It began slowly rising throughout his body.  There were waves of joy and and sorrow coming from his heart overwhelming him.  He felt like he was being "power washed" from deep inside.  Shimmering colors of white light were dancing around him.  His mind was overflowing with powerful memories from early childhood.  Everything was coming to the surface.  He no longer had any control of his emotions.  He thought he was losing his mind.   He cried out to me as I gently held and comforted him.  I told him everything would be fine and that he would ultimately become a spirtual warrior.   

The next day my friend Dave didn't know who he was anymore.   It was as though he was in a different body on a distant planet.  All of his senses were greatly enhanced.  He could hear with a new clarity.  His vision was sharpened.  The natural colors of nature brilliantly presented themselves to him.  It was as though he had been sleepwalking and had awoken to his higher Self.  He felt truly alive and was so grateful for his life.  There was this feeling of oneness that he had never experienced before.  He felt love for everyone.

Dave stayed in silence for several days as he contemplated his new surroundings.  He began re-evaluating his life looking at everything with a new focus and understanding.  We took walks together for many hours and discussed his experiences and the nature of Consciousness and Spirit.  I got to know him very well during this time. 


Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, who is this guy named Dave?

Well,  if you were to have asked me about my friend Dave back on May 12, 1952 I would have told you that he doesn't look like much visually.  He's wrinkled, has a bald pointed head, little squinted eyes, shaky arms, legs, a mouth with no teeth but he sure can make a lot of noise.  How can I ever be friends with someone like that?  As it turns out he became and is my best friend.  Sure,  I've had to help him through a lot in this life.  He certainly has made a ton of mistakes, but who hasn't?  "We're here to make mistakes", I told him.  They're called "Life Lessons" and we start learning them the moment we're born.  In the grand scheme of things everything is perfect.  I tell him that this world is a place of magic, mystery and adventure.  You can create whatever you like.  Enjoy this beautiful world.  It is a gift.   

This blog contains spiritual musings and ideas from my life experience.  I hope to share insights into my ideas about Consciousness and how life appears and ultimately transforms "My Friend Dave".