Thursday, August 19, 2010

So, who is this guy named Dave?

Well,  if you were to have asked me about my friend Dave back on May 12, 1952 I would have told you that he doesn't look like much visually.  He's wrinkled, has a bald pointed head, little squinted eyes, shaky arms, legs, a mouth with no teeth but he sure can make a lot of noise.  How can I ever be friends with someone like that?  As it turns out he became and is my best friend.  Sure,  I've had to help him through a lot in this life.  He certainly has made a ton of mistakes, but who hasn't?  "We're here to make mistakes", I told him.  They're called "Life Lessons" and we start learning them the moment we're born.  In the grand scheme of things everything is perfect.  I tell him that this world is a place of magic, mystery and adventure.  You can create whatever you like.  Enjoy this beautiful world.  It is a gift.   

This blog contains spiritual musings and ideas from my life experience.  I hope to share insights into my ideas about Consciousness and how life appears and ultimately transforms "My Friend Dave".

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